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1. About the Baillieston Community Hub

Glasgow City Council has made a commitment to support the development of a Community Hub in Baillieston.  The Glasgow City Council owned site at James Lindsay Park has been identified as the most suitable site to provide a new multi-purpose community hub serving Baillieston and the wider area.  It is proposed that the Baillieston Community Hub will be managed and operated by Glasgow Life on behalf of Glasgow City Council. The initial concept design plans and storyboard information for the hub has been prepared based on the findings of information taken through consultation with key stakeholders, local groups and organisations, elected members and the wider public.  The outline design is now the subject of a pre-planning community consultation exercise during October – December 2021, as a precursor to finalising proposals upon which planning approval will be sought. As part of the consultation process, the Baillieston Hub Project Team would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey, your views are a vital part of the future shaping and success of Baillieston Community Hub.The Community Hub will include Sport, Library, Community and Arts activities, appealing to the broadest range of participants possible.

The survey closes on Sunday the 12th of December 2021. 

Your information (GDPR notice) - Your contact details shall be used only for the purpose of contacting you in relation to the Baillieston Community Hub.  Glasgow Life will not use your contact details for any other purpose and will not disclose your contact details to any other person or organisation except where required to do so by law or with your own consent

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